When the bookshop sleeps …
On July 5, 2019 | 0 Comments

5 July 2019: ODD things are going on at the Archway Bookshop right now. When owner Simon Holmes goes home at night, all is neat, tidy and peaceful. But when he arrives in the morning, books have been moved, the second-floor fridge raided and crumbs left on the floor.

The only obvious clue is that all this has occurred since the shop began stocking a range of soft children’s toys, most of which live in baskets on the ground floor. Anxious to establish what is happening, we checked the shop’s ever watchful CCTV — and this is what we found (click on the picture below to watch the footage):

But seriously ? … we are now stocking a small range of soft toys including finger puppets (£4.30) through small toys (£6.50) to larger toys at £10.95. We also have sock kits at £9.99.

“One of our missions is to encourage the very youngest children to enjoy reading so it makes good sense to have toys amongst the books,” says Simon.

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