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The world beneath their feet

While tension steadily rose between European powers in the 1930s, a different kind of battle was raging across the Himalayas. Contingents from Great Britain, Nazi Germany, and the United States had set up rival camps at the base of the mountains, all hoping to become recognized as the fastest, strongest, and bravest climbers in the world. Carried on across nearly the entire sweep of the Himalayas, this contest involved not only the greatest mountain climbers of the era, but statesmen and millionaires, world-class athletes and bona fide eccentrics, scientists and generals, obscure villagers and national heroes. Climbing the Himalayas was the Greatest Generation’s moonshot – one shrouded in the onset of war, interrupted by it, and then fully accomplished.



Author Scott(Historian Ellsworth Published by John Murray ISBN 9781473649644 EAN 9781473649644 Bic Code Cover Paperback


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“The world beneath their feet”

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