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    Pat Barker

ISBN: Paperback. 9780241983201

The Silence of the Girls

by: Pat Barker


Meet the Author
Pat Barker’s Regeneration Trilogy – climaxing with the Booker Prize-winning The Ghost Road of 1995 – pushed her to front rank of British historical novelists. Brilliantly fusing an almost unparalleled level of veracity with a profound understanding of story and allusion, almost single-handedly Barker elevated the concept of the historical novel to the literary. Subsequently, Barker has rounded on a number of other themes, including the exploration of morality and children in the uncompromising Border Crossing and the exceptional, pan-Second World War narrative cycle of Life Class, Toby’s Room and Noonday.
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About This Book

Shortlisted for the Costa Book Awards 2018

From the Booker Prize-winning author of Regeneration and one of our greatest contemporary writers on war comes a reimagining of the most famous conflict in literature – the legendary Trojan War.

When her city falls to the Greeks, Briseis’s old life is shattered. She is transformed from queen to captive, from free woman to slave, awarded to the god-like warrior Achilles as a prize of war. And she’s not alone: on the same day, and on many others in the course of a long and bitter war, innumerable women have been wrested from their homes and flung to the fighters.

Wrestling the epic drama of the Trojan War away from its usual male-centric gaze, The Silence of the Girls seeks out the other story, the women’s story, charting the journey of a sometime-queen across the chaos of history, seeking freedom and the right to be author of her own story.


ISBN: Paperback. 9780241983201
Publisher: Penguin
Publish Date: 2019
Page Count: 336

“The Silence of the Girls”

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