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The Kingdom: The new thriller from the no.1 bestselling author of the Harry Hole Jo Nesbo

Jo Nesbo, author of the number one bestselling Harry Hole series, is back with a tense and atmospheric thriller about two brothers bound together by dark secrets. When Roy and Carl’s parents die suddenly, sixteen-year-old Roy is left as protector to his impulsive younger brother. But when Carl decides to travel the world in search of his fortune, Roy stays behind in their sleepy village, satisfied with his peaceful life as a mechanic. Some years later, Carl returns with his charismatic new wife, Shannon – an architect. They are full of exciting plans to build a spa hotel on their family land. Carl wants not only to make the brothers rich but the rest of the village, too. It’s only a matter of time before what begins as a jubilant homecoming sparks off a series of events that threaten to derail everything Roy holds dear, as long-buried family secrets begin to rise to the surface… The Kingdom is a simmering and complex thriller full of unexpected twists, devastating family legacies and an ever growing body count. PRAISE FOR THE KINGDOM: ‘Jo Nesbo remains the king of Scandicrime’ Financial Times ‘This being Nesbo there is plenty of deception, death and partial decapitation to come… a sombre delight. There are shades of a Nordic Ripley, or maybe Virginia Andrews on aquavit. Choose your poison’ The Times ‘The latest stand-alone from the chronicler of Inspector Harry Hole puts all the murky, violent twists on brotherly love that you’d expect from this leading exponent of Nordic noir…’ Kirkus Reviews (Starred Review) ***** ‘Intriguing, mysterious, full of suspense and as twisty as one of the roads up to The Kingdom’ Netgalley reader ***** ‘A gripping read… once it all starts to fall into place you can’t put the book down!’ Netgalley reader ***** ‘To say I couldn’t put it down is an understatement… One of my favourite books this year’ Netgalley reader ***** ‘A great read with plenty of twists and surprises…my book of the year so far’ Netgalley reader



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SKU: 9781787300798

“The Kingdom: The new thriller from the no.1 bestselling author of the Harry Hole Jo Nesbo”

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