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The Greatest Inventor

Victor is skeptical when Walter Swizwit comes to Rainwater. He’s the latest in a string of inventors passing through, and no one wants to buy his cheap magic tricks. But Walter doesn’t take rejection well, and puts a curse on the village. Only Victor is unaffected and he must leave Rainwater for the first time in his life if he’s to find the cure. Victor’s path takes him past other villages that Walter has damaged, and he picks up new companions on the way: Elena, handy with bow and arrow, Mo-Lan, a science prodigy, and scaredy-cat Mingus. It’s soon clear that they underestimated Walter’s power. Only he has the cure for his magic and he’s locked away in his castle a thousand leagues away. But he’s not the only inventor out there. If Victor and his friends can get someone more powerful on their side, maybe they can win: find Walter, break the curse and return as heroes. After all, there’s no place like home.



Author Brooks Ben Published by Quercus Children’s Books ISBN 9781786541147 EAN 9781786541147 Bic Code Cover Paperback


SKU: 9781786541147

“The Greatest Inventor”

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