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The Geometry of Holding Hands

In Edinburgh, rumours and gossip abound. But Isabel knows that such things can’t be taken at face value. Still, the latest whispers hint at mysterious goings-on, and who but Isabel can be trusted to get to the bottom of them? At the same time, she must deal with the demands of her two small children, her husband and her rather tempestuous niece, Cat, whose latest romantic entanglement comes – to no one’s surprise – with complications. Even with so much going on, Isabel, through the application of good sense, logic and ethics, will, as ever, triumph.



Author Smith, Alexande McCall Published by Abacus ISBN 9780349144092 EAN 9780349144092 Bic Code Cover Paperback


SKU: 9780349144092

“The Geometry of Holding Hands”

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