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    Bridget Collins


The Betrayals (publishes 12 Nov 2020)

by: Bridget Collins

Publishes 12 Nov 2020

The author of The Binding returns with another literary sensation. Enchanting and formidably crafted, The Betrayals opens the doors to an ancient, exclusive institution, hidden away high up on the mountains and dedicated to the study of a strange, clandestine game. But times are changing, and centuries-old secrets and traditions are about to be defied. Compelling, intricate and utterly original, The Betrayals cements Bridget Collins’s place as one of the most exquisite new voices in fiction.

In an exclusive institution tucked away in the mountains the best and brightest study an arcane and mysterious game, as they have for centuries. But times are changing, and traditions being overturned – the truth will come out…

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Meet the Author
Bridget Collins was born in 1981 in Kent, England. She always wanted to be an actor, and trained at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art after studying English at King's College, Cambridge, but after she graduated from drama school she found herself starting to write a novel as a way to distract herself when she wasn't working - and discovered that she loved it... Her first published novel, The Traitor Game, won the Branford Boase Award and was longlisted for the Carnegie Medal. Since then she has published six more novels for teenagers. The Binding, her first adult novel, was published in January 2019 and went straight to no. 2 in the Sunday Times bestseller list. Although she doesn't act professionally any more - writing having taken centre stage - she is a keen amateur actor. She also loves bookbinding, running, arguing, napping and eating good food (not in that order), almost as much as she loves reading.
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Publisher: HarperCollins

“The Betrayals (publishes 12 Nov 2020)”

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