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    John Lewis-Stempel

ISBN: Hardback: 9780857524577

Still Water: The Deep Life of the Pond

by: John Lewis-Stempel


Meet the Author
A farmer and award-winning historian and nature writer, British author John Lewis-Stempel still farms on the land in Herefordshire where his family have lived for more than 700 years. The author of books including The Wild Life, Meadowland, Where Poppies Grow, The Running Hare, The Secret Life of the Owl and The Wood, Lewis-Stempel has twice been the recipient of the prestigious Wainwright Prize for nature writing. His most recent book is Still Water: The Deep Life of the Pond, published in March 2019.
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About This Book

The Pond.

Nothing in the countryside is more humble or more valuable. It’s the moorhen’s reedy home, the frog’s ancient breeding place, the kill zone of the beautiful dragonfly. More than a hundred rare and threatened fauna and flora depend on it.

Written in gorgeous prose, Still Water tells the seasonal story of the wild animals and plants that live in and around the pond, from the mayfly larvae in the mud to the patrolling bats in the night sky above. It reflects an era before the water was polluted with chemicals and the land built on for housing, a time when ponds shone everywhere like eyes in the land, sustaining life for all, from fish to carthorse.

Still Water is a loving biography of the pond, and an alarm call on behalf of this precious but overlooked habitat. Above all, John Lewis-Stempel takes us on a remarkable journey – deep, deep down into the nature of still water.


ISBN: Hardback: 9780857524577
Publisher: Transworld Publishers
Publish Date: 2019
Page Count: 304

“Still Water: The Deep Life of the Pond”

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