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    David Morris

ISBN: 9781445621364. Hardback

Shepherds’ Huts and Living Vans

by: David Morris


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In the 1800s, a shepherd’s hut or living van would have been an unremarkable sight in many regions of rural Britain. By the 1970s most lay abandoned as farming methods and industry left them behind. Today the humble shepherd’s hut is making a comeback and these quirky collectors’ items are fast developing a cult status of their own. Original huts and living vans command high sums and replica huts are being built in high numbers to satisfy demand. However, many who see one, have one or want one know little of their origin or the differences between them. This beautifully illustrated book explores the differences and takes a look behind the door at what living and operating in these small mobile spaces was really like.


ISBN: 9781445621364. Hardback
Publisher: Amberley Publishing
Publish Date: 2013
Page Count: 208

“Shepherds’ Huts and Living Vans”

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