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Sharky McShark and the teensy wee crab

Sharky McShark is the meanest, most fearsome creature in the ocean. When she’s around, the clownfish clear out, the flatfish flee, and even the rocks get out of her way. Sharky is the biggest bully in the sea. She has no friends and doesn’t want any. But then one day – with a plink! plank! plonk! – a teensy wee crab comes tumbling into her world. A fun-filled undersea story exploring bullying, friendship and the true meaning of courage, based on Aesop’s classic fable, ‘The Lion and the Mouse’.



Author Alison(Illustra Murray Published by Orchard Books ISBN 9781408358290 EAN 9781408358290 Bic Code Cover Paperback


SKU: 9781408358290

“Sharky McShark and the teensy wee crab”

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