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    David Wilder, Barrie Hedges,

ISBN: 9781526760340

Reliance Motor Services – The Story of a Family-Owned Independent Bus Company (due 30 April 2020)

by: David Wilder, Barrie Hedges,

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Meet the Author
David Wilder was born and raised in Chaddleworth, his roots in the Downland villages of West Berkshire stretching back over many generations. He and Barrie Hedges travelled to school together by bus for seven years, quickly establishing an enduring friendship. Fascinated by buses, coaches and their operation from a toddler, David fulfilled a dream by completing professional training in bus and coach management in the North West and Wales, subsequently occupying senior positions with various operators, latterly Newbury & District. Happily married and living with wife Jane back in West Berkshire, David is proud of his three children, three grandchildren and two great grandchildren.
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Meet the Author
Barrie Hedges is the grandson of Reliance founder George Hedges and grew up in Brightwalton. He went on to become a reporter on the local newspaper and several others before moving into public relations. He has worked extensively for clients in the quarrying industry and specialised in community relations. While much of his working life has been devoted to writing – he has never until now written a book. Retired and living in East Devon with partner Jan, he has never lost his love for the simplicity of life in Brightwalton and goes back there regularly. He has two much-loved daughters and five granddaughters.
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About This Book

Bus books don’t ‘come along too often’ on our pre-order list. But this one is special because one of its authors is our very own Barrie Hedges who does our marketing … and our garden! Barrie wrote this book with his school days friend David Wilder who knows a thing or two about buses. Together they have created a book that is not just about buses or about one family (Barrie’s) but about the era when buses were the lifeblood of rural villages. We are delighted to offer it as a pre-order ahead of publication due on 30 April 2020.


Between the two world wars and in the years that followed, several generations relied on country buses. In the days when few could afford a car, the bus was the medium to move between homes in often remote villages and the places where they increasingly went to school, worked and enjoyed their leisure hours.

This is the story of one such chain of villages across the Berkshire Downs and the family-owned business that grew up around satisfying their needs. George Hedges came back from World War I to become a horse-drawn carrier, but with ambitions to motorise his business. With his family taking the wheel in the 50s and beyond, Reliance extended its reach nationwide and even internationally.

The small village where it all started, Brightwalton, woke in the mornings to the cough of diesel engines from both Reliance buses and a relative’s lorries. When both businesses departed, the village lost many of its jobs, its two pubs and very nearly its school. This book is not just for bus lovers but for anyone who looks back with fondness on the era before the motor car choked free movement and changed life.



ISBN: 9781526760340
Publisher: Pen & Sword Books
Publish Date: 30 April 2020
Page Count: 192

“Reliance Motor Services – The Story of a Family-Owned Independent Bus Company (due 30 April 2020)”

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