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Rabbit Whisperer Ingrid Tarrant

Rabbits are the third most popular pets in the UK. After cats and dogs, they are being chosen by more families as their household pet and by more single people as an animal for company. This fantastic book is a must-read for any rabbit fanatic. Written by top journalist and long-time rabbit owner, Ingrid Tarrant, and full of contributions from rabbit-loving celebrities such as Paul O’Grady and Toyah Willcox, it is the ultimate guide to caring for a rabbit. It covers choosing a pet, preparing for its arrival and routine care such as grooming, food and water, cage-cleaning, health checks and vaccinations. This clear, no-nonsense book dispels the many myths surrounding rabbits and their care and is ideal for every rabbit owner and lover.


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SKU: 9781843581581

“Rabbit Whisperer Ingrid Tarrant”

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