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    Tony Hawks

ISBN: 9781444794809. Paperback

Once Upon a Time in the West… Country

by: Tony Hawks


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Waking in the middle of the night whilst on holiday, Tony Hawks declares an epiphany to his barely conscious partner Fran. Fed up of living in a city where the only contact with his neighbours in three years was a dispute over a boundary fence, his mind has been made up and it’s time for a change… of postcode. At the age of 53, Tony is finally ready to renounce his London lifestyle and head for the countryside, and to his enormous surprise, Fran agrees.

Once Upon a Time in the West… Country tells the story of how a series of events lead Tony and Fran to uproot their city lives for a rural alternative in deepest Devon. Full of Tony’s trademark mixture of humour, hope, adventure and absurdity, this book will chart their journey as they adapt from the relative ease of city life to the vagaries of a village community. But between organic gardening courses, attending village meetings and the impending birth of his first child, Tony still has time for one last adventure, cycling coast to coast with a mini pig called Titch.

Full of eclectic characters – including the best neighbour in the world – Once Upon a Time in the West… Country is the heartwarming and hilarious tale of Tony Hawks’ new life in the country.


ISBN: 9781444794809. Paperback
Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton General Division
Publish Date: 2016
Page Count: 368

“Once Upon a Time in the West… Country”

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