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Lost Prince V.M. Jones

Adam Equinox is fed up with life in the orphanage, and his thoughts begin to turn more and more to his adventures in the computer-generated world of Karazan. Then, suddenly, the unthinkable happens. Someone wants to adopt him! Adam is sure that it can only be Quentin Quested, the computer software billionaire who has taken Adam under his wing. It should be a dream, but something doesn’t quite add up. Once again Adam finds himself propelled into Karazan to rescue an important microcomputer that has fallen into the clutches of the evil King Karazeel. The microcomputer has the power to open the gateway between Karazan and Earth, with terrible consequences. Only Zephyr, the mythical baby prince born on the night of the true King’s murder can defeat Karazeel. It is up to Adam to find him and fulfil the prophesy of the Prince of the Wind.


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SKU: 9780141319445

“Lost Prince V.M. Jones”

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