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Last Of The Night About Twilight Peter Davidson

The Last of the Light is a meditation on twilight in the Western arts and imagination, in thought, painting and literature. We entera multifaceted twilight world, filled with the gloom haunted by Romantic poets and painters and the twilight lives of minority and ‘overshadowed’ communities. The melancholy of smoky English autumn evenings is balanced by the midnight sun of northern European summers; the oppressive heat of August in mid-twentieth-century Spain is ranged against the shadowy grandeur of winter in London.Peter Davidson touches on diverse literary and artistic traditions as he considers the borderlands of the light and the dark: the’invention of evening’ in Roman antiquity; the science of the Victorian evening sky; the urban twilights of Whistler, Poussinand Tiepolo.A meditative account of the atmospheric and shadowy in art, literature and thought by the author of The Idea of North, this will appeal to all those who are interested in ambiguous, penumbral zones in art, philosophy and writing.



SKU: 9781780235103

“Last Of The Night About Twilight Peter Davidson”

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