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Into the Spotlight

Great Aunt Maud visits seasides the world over and has become quite the pebble collector. Pebbles of all shapes, sizes and colours and even one that looked a bit like Elvis Presley if you held it up to the light and squinted a bit. Her favourite pebbles, however, are Marigold, Margot and Morris. One by one, and by strange and unusual ways, each child arrives at the stage door of Great Aunt Maud’s theatre in the heart of London. They spend their summer holidays backstage with an extraordinary cast of theatre acts – Dante the miraculous magician, Petunia the storyteller and seventy-year-old contortionists – the Fortune Sisters! One day, as they are exploring the many nooks and crannies of the theatre, they stumble upon something they were never meant to find.



Author Hope Fletcher Carrie Published by Puffin ISBN 9780241462119 EAN 9780241462119 Bic Code Cover Paperback


SKU: 9780241462119

“Into the Spotlight”

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