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How to be human

Did you know that half your DNA isn’t human? That somebody, somewhere has exactly the same face? Or that most of your memories are fiction? What about the fact that you are as hairy as a chimpanzee, various parts of your body don’t belong to you, or that you can read other people’s minds? Do you really know why you blush, yawn and cry? Why 90% of laughter has nothing to do with humour? Or what will happen to your mind after you die? You belong to a unique, fascinating and often misunderstood species. ‘How to be Human’ is your guide to making the most of it.



Author Graham Lawton Published by John Murray ISBN 9781529334029 EAN 9781529334029 Bic Code Cover Paperback


SKU: 9781529334029

“How to be human”

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