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Frozen Britain Ian McCaskill

This title is a follow up to the best-selling Frozen in Time (2006). It offers a new look at the latest climatology theories and the effect on our weather patterns. It includes latest harsh winters of 2009/10 and 2010/11 – bringing content right up to date. It explores reasons for harsh winters in UK and weather patterns. It reports on the latest climatology theories to explain climate change. It provides a look back in time to ‘The Year of No Summer’, ‘The Famine Winter’ and the years when ‘Frost Fairs’ were held on the frozen Thames. It presents the incredible stories of the three worst winters of the twentieth century (1947, 1963, and 1979). It is full of extraordinary human stories, by turns amusing, inspiring and astonishing.



SKU: 9781905080984

“Frozen Britain Ian McCaskill”

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