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Firebright and the Magic Medicine

Best friends Emily and Aisha are thrilled when they’re whisked away on a new series of adventures in the magical Enchanted Valley, where good Queen Aurora rules kindly over the unicorns and other magical creatures. In this series the girls find out about the magical healing crystals which help to keep every Enchanted Valley family safe and well. But there’s a problem – the wicked unicorn, Selena, has stolen the Crystal Unicorns’ lockets! Now Emily and Aisha must travel to a mountain stream, where the guinea hoglet family collects the magical crystals. Can the guinea hoglets help to find Firebright’s medicine crystal, which she needs to cure everyone’s coughs and sneezes?



Author Meadows Daisy Published by Orchard Books ISBN 9781408363867 EAN 9781408363867 Bic Code Cover Paperback


SKU: 9781408363867

“Firebright and the Magic Medicine”

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