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Curse of the robo-dragon

Harry and Ava are two ordinary kids doing their best to survive life on a massive space station, Vantia1, after their home planet was swallowed by a mysterious black hole known as the Void. Ava is training to be a fighter pilot, while Harry uses his talent for engineering to invent amazing gadgets that help him solve any problem standing in his way. And now Vantia1 is facing a crisis. When they intercept a secret message and discover that a mysterious and unidentified object is about to attack their home, Harry and Ava realise that only they can tackle the evil mastermind responsible.



Author Adam Blade Published by Orchard Books ISBN 9781408357897 EAN 9781408357897 Bic Code Cover Paperback


SKU: 9781408357897

“Curse of the robo-dragon”

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