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Churchill & son

Few fathers and sons can ever have been so close as Winston Churchill and his only son Randolph. Both showed flamboyant impatience, reckless bravery, and generosity of spirit. The glorious and handsome Randolph was a giver and devourer of pleasure, a man who exploded into rooms, trailing whisky tumblers and reciting verbatim whole passages of classic literature. But while Randolph inherited many of his fathers’ talents, he also inherited all of his flaws. Randolph was his father only more so: fiercer, louder, more out of control. Hence father and son would be so very close, and so liable to explode at each other. A revealing new perspective on the Churchill myth, this intimate story reveals the lesser-seen Winston Churchill.



Author Josh Ireland Published by John Murray ISBN 9781529337754 EAN 9781529337754 Bic Code Cover Hardback


SKU: 9781529337754

“Churchill & son”

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