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Cat and Dog: Band 00/Lilac Shoo Rayner

Build your child’s reading confidence at home with fully decodable phonics books matched to Letters and Sounds. Cat steps out through the cat flap, unaware that Dog is about to pounce. A frantic chase follows, which almost ends in catastrophe. But there is a suprise twist in the tale when Dog rescues Cat. * Lilac/Band 0 – wordless book that tells a story through pictures and is designed to develop understanding about how stories work. * Text type – Fiction. * The final spread shows the route of Cat and Dog’s chase through the park and can be used by the children to discuss and retell the story. * Shoo Rayner also wrote and illustrated the Pink B story, Fly Away Home * This book has been levelled for Reading Recovery


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SKU: 9780007185283

“Cat and Dog: Band 00/Lilac Shoo Rayner”

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