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Calling Mr Lonely Hearts Laura Benedict

Growing up, Roxanne, Del, and Alice tested the limits of their friendship with cruel and often dangerous games – safe in the knowledge that they were bound together forever. Now, Alice’s marriage is over, and her husband is having a child with another woman. Roxanne, an artist consumed by her work, is losing touch with her friends – and perhaps with reality. And Del is desperate to be a perfect wife and adoring stepmother, but her friends see that her careful facade is crumbling. The instrument of their destruction is the enigmatic Varick. He seems to be a lonely woman’s dream come true, but as he seduces each of the women in turn, their lives become unrecognisable to them – and their souls, perhaps irretrievable. Varick’s secret lies buried in their shared past. One simple, childish act has brought them, all these years later, to a place where their lives are at risk. For once upon a time, the three of them agreed to tell a lie – one that ruined a life …And now they all must live with the consequences…



SKU: 9780099509295

“Calling Mr Lonely Hearts Laura Benedict”

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