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    Markus Zusak

ISBN: Hardback. 9780857525956

Bridge of Clay

by: Markus Zusak


Meet the Author
Australian author Markus Zusak is best-known as the author of the internationally bestselling novel The Book Thief which - loved by Waterstones booksellers and readers alike - remains of our most regularly recommended reads. Zusak’s latest novel, Bridge of Clay, is published in October 2018.
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About This Book

From the author of the extraordinary, global-bestseller The Book Thief comes the story of triumph over extraordinary adversity.

Well over a decade since his The Book Thief hit the shelves to become a true publishing phenomenon, Markus Zusak returns to bring us a story that brims with life and reason for being.

Bridge of Clay is about a boy caught in the current, a boy intent on destroying everything he has in order to become everything he needs to be.

This is a young life in search of greatness, seeking the ultimate cure for his memory and tragedy.

Ahead of him lies the bridge, the vision that will save both his family and himself. It’s his attempt to transcend humanness, to make a single, glorious moment. It will be a miracle and nothing less.


ISBN: Hardback. 9780857525956
Publisher: Transworld Publishers
Publish Date: 2018
Page Count: 592

“Bridge of Clay”

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