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    Lee Child

ISBN: Paperback: 9781787632196

Blue Moon: (Jack Reacher 24) (due In paperback 2 April 2020)

by: Lee Child

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Meet the Author
Lee Child sprang from redundancy at Granada Television in 1995 to rise to thriller-writing pre-eminence with his sequence of stories featuring ex-military policeman Jack Reacher.
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About This Book

Reacher returns in another pulsating lone wolf thriller about dirty money and even dirtier secrets. An elderly couple in peril set our redoubtable hero on a collision course with a rogues’ gallery of hoodlums and heavies, and, this time, Reacher may well have met his match.
Signed Edition

‘Lee Child just gets better and better, which is a very rare quality in a writer of a long-run series.’ – Peter James

Hard on the heels of the superlative Past Tense, Jack Reacher returns for his 24th adventure, and the odds are as tough as ever.

Deep in the American heartland, Reacher comes to the aid of an elderly couple, aid which proves to be a trigger to his most dangerous adventure yet. This autumn, a Blue Moon is rising.


ISBN: Paperback: 9781787632196
Publisher: Transworld Publishers
Publish Date: 2020
Page Count: 384

“Blue Moon: (Jack Reacher 24) (due In paperback 2 April 2020)”

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