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Art, Faith and Modernity NA

Which artists in British 20th century art painted religious images? Broadly speaking there seem to have been two categories: The first concerns artists who created religious images when the religious content was in response to a set subject, for example The Deluge in the 1920 Rome Scholarship in Decorative Painting, or who responded to a specific commission, for example Thomas Monnington’s works for The Ormond Chapel, Bradford, Kippen Church and Stations of the Cross for Brede Church in Hastings. The second category concerns a small minority off artists who were committed believers such as Frank Brangwyn, Eric Gill and Stanley Spencer. No account of 20th Century British art can overlook the numerous works of the period that were essentially “religious” in their content. Art, Faith& Modernity examines this question in Paul Liss’ and Alan Powers’ essays and demonstrates the wide range of expression in more than 200 colour reproductions.


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SKU: 9781999314507

“Art, Faith and Modernity NA”

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