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Amy Wild Amazon Summer Helen Skelton

Amy Wild is in trouble again – and this time, her parents decide enough is enough. Amy is going to stay out of trouble over the summer by going on a trip with batty Auntie Marg – a photographer, who travels all around the world to dangerous, exciting places. That’s how Amy’s ended up here: Iquitos, Peru. The problem is, staying out of trouble just doesn’t seem to happen when Amy’s around. When Auntie Marg is involved in an accident, Amy has to escape into the Amazon rainforest, with no clothes, no food, no money, and no map. She’s got to face spiders, poisonous plants, legends of evil spirits – and something even more sinister. All she has is Juan, a local boy with a mysterious scar, who’s definitely hiding a secret …



SKU: 9780552568395

“Amy Wild Amazon Summer Helen Skelton”

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