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Blood in the Water

Can taking the law into your own hands be the right thing to do? In June 2013, three upstanding citizens of a small town in Nova Scotia murdered their neighbour, Phillip Boudreau, while out fishing. Boudreau was an inventive small-time criminal who had terrorised and entertained Petit de Grat for two decades. He had been in prison for nearly half his adult life. He was funny and frightening, loathed, loved, and feared. Boudreau seemed invincible, a miscreant who would plague the village forever. As many people said, if those fellows hadn’t killed him, someone else would have. ‘Blood in the Water’ is a gripping story in a brilliantly drawn setting, about power and law, security and self-respect, and the nature of community.


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Author Silver Donald Cameron Published by Swift Press ISBN 9781800750265 EAN 9781800750265 Bic Code Cover Paperback


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“Blood in the Water”

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