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A Grand Tour of the Roman Empire By Marcus Sidonius Falx

Tour the Roman Empire at its height with Marcus Sidonius Falx and his amanuensis, Dr Jerry Toner. Travelling east, Falx explores the great cultural centre of Athens before trekking into rural Asia (or Turkey as we know it), past the already ancient Luxor monuments in Roman Egypt, and by the Great Library of Alexandria. Travelling west across the breadbasket of the Empire, he journeys through Gaul (France) before crossing to Britannia, where he suffers the worst that provincial life has to offer. Falx provides practical advice on surviving all things travel: from pirates and shipwrecks to bedbugs and lousy food.


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Author J. P. Toner Published by Profile Books ISBN 9781781255759 EAN 9781781255759 Bic Code Cover Hardback


SKU: 9781781255759

“A Grand Tour of the Roman Empire By Marcus Sidonius Falx”

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