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Beneath the Keep

The Tearling has reverted to feudalism, a far cry from the utopia it was founded to be. As the gap between rich and poor widens and famine threatens the land, sparking unrest, rumours of a prophecy begin to spread: a great hope, a True Queen who will rise up and save the kingdom. But rumours will not help Lazarus, a man raised to kill in the brutal clandestine underworld of the Creche, nor Aislinn, a farm girl who must reckon with her own role in the growing rebellion. And in the Keep, the crown princess, Elyssa, finds herself torn between duty to the throne and the lure of the Blue Horizon, a group of fierce idealists who promise radical change – but Elyssa must choose quickly, before a nefarious witch and her shadowy master use dark magic to decide for her.



Author Erika Johansen Published by Penguin Books ISBN 9781529176599 EAN 9781529176599 Bic Code Cover Paperback


SKU: 9781529176599

“Beneath the Keep”

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