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Due 3 October 2019

Arriving ahead of the BBC’s much-anticipated adaptation of his Dark Materials, the second chapter in Philip Pullman’s epic trilogy, The Secret Commonwealth: The Book of Dust Volume Two, intertwines the stories of Lyra Silvertongue and Malcom Polstead as they face new and dangerous secrets. Journeying far from Oxford’s spires across the globe, this is an adventure like no other. A powerful story about the truths that underpin our world, the divisions that lie between love and responsibility and what it truly means to grow up.

Normal hardback price £20 – our pre-order price £18

Due 5 September 2019

It’s the year 1468. A young priest arrives in a remote Exmoor village to conduct the funeral of his predecessor. The land around is strewn with ancient artefacts – coins, fragments of glass, human bones – which the old parson used to collect. Did his obsession with the past lead to his death? The priest becomes determined to discover the truth. Over the course of the next six days, everything he believes – about himself, his faith and the history of his world – will be tested to destruction.

Normal hardback price £20 – our pre-order price £18

Due 17 October 2019

John le Carre (who paid us a surprise visit in March) is still at the height of his writing powers at the age of 88. His 25th novel promises to address the “division and rage at the heart of our modern world”. It is set in London in 2018 and follows a 26-year-old solitary figure who, in a desperate attempt to resist the political turbulence swirling around him, makes connections that take him down a dangerous path. The plot and characterisation are as good as ever.

Normal hardback price £20 – our pre-order price £18

Due 10 September 2019

In this electrifying sequel to The Handmaid’s Tale, the much loved Margaret Atwood answers the question that has tantalised readers for more than 30 years:  ‘What happened to Offred?’The author’s vision has only grown in significance in that time, becoming a rallying call at women’s marches around the world following the election of Donald Trump, and taking on a new life in an television adaptation. Set 15 years after The Handmaid’s Tale, it reveals the author’s vision for Gilead’s future.

Normal hardback price £20 – our pre-order price £18

Due 29 October 2019

Lee Child sprang from redundancy at Granada Television in 1995 to rise to thriller-writing pre-eminence with his sequence of stories featuring ex-military policeman Jack Reacher. Such has been the popularity of the character that no less than Ken Follett describes him as as “today’s James Bond, a thriller hero we can’t get enough of.” This one comes hard on the heels of the superlative Past Tense. This 24th outing for Reacher sees the odds as tough as ever. He comes to the aid of an elderly couple . . . and confronts his most dangerous opponents yet.

Normal hardback price £20 – our pre-order price £18

Due 5 November 2019

More utter chaos that kids love from #1 international bestselling author Jeff Kinney. In Wrecking Ball (Book 14 of the hugely popular Diary of a Wimpy Kid series), an unexpected inheritance gives Greg Heffley’s family a chance to make big changes to their house. But they soon find that home improvement isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Normal hardback price £12.99 –  our pre-order price £11.69

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