Book clubs

One of the great pleasures in reading is to share a good book and to debate its finer points. We are currently running two clubs and also maintain a waiting list which could see us launching further clubs in the near future. Do give us a call if you are interested. Both our current clubs meet on a monthly basis. Paperbacks are chosen by the members from a list supplied by Archway owner Simon Holmes. Members are entitled to a 10% discount on the recommended retail price of each book.

Archway Axminster Book Club

Our very first club came together for the first time in May 2019, meeting at the shop or (in summertime) in its garden. It is being led by Archway enthusiast Rachel Tettersell who has previously worked at the shop.

Has recently read:

  • ‘The Forest of Wool and Steel’ by Natsu Miyashita. The story of a trainee piano tuner in Japan. Good descriptive writing and thought provoking.  We gave it mixed reviews.
  • ‘Warlight’ by Michael Ondaatje. Set after WW2, follows story of two children left with minders in their parents’ absence. Most of us liked it and we thought it would make a great film.
  • ‘Vintage 1954’ by Antoine Laurain. Time travel back to 1950s Paris with the help of alien altered wine! Great descriptions of 1950s Paris.
  • ‘In Extremis by Lindsey Hilsum. Brilliant biography of Times correspondent Marie Colvin and her life on the edge. Guaranteed to make your own life feel boring! Our best book to date.
Currently reading:
  • ‘The Wall’ by James Lanchester

Archway Colyton Book Club

Our Colyton Book Club is an afternoon group which meets at the Colyton Garden Shop, usually on the second Monday in the month. It is led by Barrie Hedges, who lives in the town and is a volunteer at the shop in Axminster.

Has recently read:

  • ‘Becoming Mrs Lewis’ by Patti Callahan. The improbable friendship and love affair between poet and writer Joy Davidman and Narnia author CS Lewis. Their relationship was based initially on an exchange of letters, but ultimately Joy follows her heart by leaving her desperate life in the US to make her future in Oxford with Lewis. Divided feelings within the club – some liked the rise and fall of an epic love story while others felt no empathy with Joy.
  • ‘Love Is Blind’ by William Boyd. A young and talented Scottish piano tuner escapes his tyrannical father to start a new life in Paris where he becomes entangled with a concert pianist and his evil brother. The tuner’s affair with the pianist’s Russian lover paves the way for a desperate games of hide and seek. Much enjoyed by most of us.

Currently reading:

  • Ike and Kay by James McManus